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Student Name File

Each line in this file uniquely represents a student; It is not a substring of another line.

It is student's full name (such as Dominic Baker), or an abbreviation(such as Wu).
It corresponds to the column Name (Original Name) in the attendance file.
Each line must be the same name (such as Dominic Baker) used in attendance file, or a substring of the name (such as Ian Wu) used in the attendance file.

Student Attendance File

It is the file downloaded from Zoom Attendance Report.
Click "Reports" in the Zoom home page, then click "Usage", and then click a meeting's Participants column value (such as 46), and then click "Export", the attendance csv file will be downloaded to your local computer. Use this .csv file as Attendance File.

Class Start Time has to be in the format of 2021-02-09T12:45:00.

If you class start at afternoon 3:15pm on Feb 8th, 2021, the time will be 2021-02-08T15:15:00.

Short Duration Definition

If a student's total attendance time is less than the given time, this student is marked as Short-Attendance.

Class Time Zone

This class time zone specifies the time zone used in your attendance file and class start time. Make sure you choose the correct time zone.
By default, the time zone will be your location's time zone.
For example, if you are in Cleveland, the time zone will be (GMT -5:00)Eastern Time.

Late Definition

In Blackboard attendance, we can use "Late" to give student 50% attendance.
If you want to give student 50% attendance if he/she is late for 10 minutes, then set the number to 10.
If you don't care about "lateness", you can set late definition to a big number, such as 999.