Play Sudoku

play sudoku with prompted hints and draggable digits.

Play Sudoku

Make Sudoku

Prerequisites:  know two sudoku solving methods — one-choice and elimination.
What you can achieve? make a classic sudoku within minutes!



Make Sudoku Your Way

Make Sudoku Using Fill and Remove Method

Make Sudoku

Solve Sudoku

Showing you detailed steps of solving a sudoku puzzle

Solve Any of your saved Sudokus, or sudoku pictures taken from a book or website

Customize Sudoku Appearance

Customize the Sudoku Grid with any color and weight; Customize the numbers with any font and color.

Default Sudoku Grid Appearance
Personalized Sudoku Grid

Detailed Steps of how a Sudoku was Made

show how each indexed/calendar sudoku was made in a step-by-step way.

How Sudoku was made in a step-by-step way

Smart Sudoku Recognition

Any sudoku in image format can be recognized.

Recognize a loaded Sudoku in Image Format

Billions of Indexed/Calendar Sudokus

Our website provides billions of Indexed/Calendar Sudokus in all difficulty levels.

Billions of Indexed Sudokus and Calendar Sudokus

Make Different Sizes of Sudokus, 9×9, 16×16, 4×4, 3×3;2×2

This platform provides five categories of Sudokus.

Make Different Sizes of Sudokus

Make Sudoku Book

You can make a pdf sudoku book by adding any saved Sudoku, or indexed/calendar sudoku provided by us.

Make A Sudoku Book

Download Empty Sudokus

personalize sudoku grid with any color, and download.

Personalize Empty Grid and Download Empty Grid

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to Pete R., Founder of BucketListly

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